Santa & the Tooth Fairy

I remember the moment I realized Santa wasn’t real. The whole night I had watched Santa travelling around the world on The News. As per usual, I sat close to the TV so the bunny ears would work. I remember wearing snuggly night clothes, and it was windy and snowing outside. A favorite pastime of my childhood was to look out of my window at my two favorite trees. The smaller one on the left I liked to hang upside down in and then we had a huge pine tree that I adored next to the driveway. I was about 7 or 8, and I was staying up late on Christmas Eve so that I might see Santa. I wanted to make sure he got the cookies. I heard some rumbling outside and quickly peeked to see that my brother and dad were bringing my bike in from the car (!!!). I had gotten the same mountain bike from Santa for Christmas the year before, so my family (aka Santa) had gotten it fixed for me for this Christmas. I was so excited to have my bike again, and I decided then that I was too old to believe in Santa anymore.

I was pretty sure Santa wasn’t real anyway, because I had figured out that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real. I still let Mama think I believed in the Tooth Fairy so that I would get a dollar for my teeth, though. I remember waking up after I had placed my tooth under my pillow and being appalled that THE TOOTH FAIRY HAD FORGOTTEN TO PICK UP MY TOOTH (!!!). I ran into the living room to tell Mama about the Tooth Fairy’s mistake. She told me that the Tooth Fairy must be running behind (aka she forgot to give me a dollar). I told her that was okay. A few minutes later there was a dollar under my pillow, which I was obviously excited about. I realized not but minutes later that THE TOOTH FAIRY HAD DROPPED MY TOOTH ON THE BATHROOM COUNTER (!!!). I was a smart kid and realized what had happened. Clearly this was all a conspiracy to trick children. I told Mama the Tooth Fairy had left the tooth on the bathroom counter but had left me a dollar. I don’t remember what she said, but somehow I was sneaking around later on my parents’ dresser and found A WHOLE BOX OF MY TEETH (!!!). At once, I was sure who the Tooth Fairy was all along, and I wondered what it felt like for my parents to have all my teeth in a little container.

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