Meet my cat Sirius


Hi, I’m Jordan! This is my cat Sirius. Yes, he’s named after Harry Potter. Just so you know, I still haven’t read all the Harry Potter books, but I’m working on it. I got Sirius in October of 2014 from this lovely lesbian couple that fosters so many cats in East Point. I specifically asked for a lap cat. He is very much that, except he likes to play bite. I’m mostly okay with that. He growls when anyone knocks on the door (especially the mailman); he probably learned this from me. He likes other trans people the best. I love him dearly. Right now he’s sleeping in the Upstairs Closet (that’s what I call the storage area above my closet).


This is the two of us in April, 2017.

Things Sirius enjoys include: sleeping in the Upstairs Closet, begging for human food, playing fetch with rubber bands and Q-tips, courting Kalli (see below), waking me up in the morning by licking my face and/or biting my nose and/or chin, sleeping in the sun, “helping” me change the sheets, perching on the Cat Tower so that he’s the tallest, biting my feet on the way to the bathroom in the morning, looking at my roommate’s (Mel) chickens through the window in the morning, eating wet food, keeping me company and/or distracting me while I’m trying to do grad school, running around during Weird O’Clock, and other stuff


This is Mel’s cat, Kalli.

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